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‘Tabs’: Naomi Campbell pleads guilty

Britney Spears has finally reached an agreement on joint custody of her children with Kevin Federline through the end of the month.
/ Source: Countdown

Keith Olbermann rounds up tabloid and entertainment news every night on “Keeping Tabs.” On Tuesday, Jan. 16 he said this:

Our roundup of celebrity and entertainment news begins with the bittersweet words, Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty today.  The charge, misdemeanor assault.  The perp confessed to bouncing a cell phone off the head of her maid, one Anna Scolavino. However, Campbell told the judge the assault was unintentional, because she did not intend to hit her maid. 

Nevertheless, she must pay Miss Scolavino $363 dollars to cover the latter’s medical expenses, perform five days of community service as well, and attend a two day anger management program.  Nothing about attending lessons from a baseball pitcher or a football quarterback. 

Miss Campbell said in a statement that her guilty plea was the best way she knew how to say sorry to her maid.  Although it is pretty widely known that most people prefer huge bags of cash. 

A sadder court appearance ahead for Anna Nicole Smith: an official inquest in to the death of her son Daniel.  Bahamian officials said Smith will be among the witnesses required to testify once the proceedings get underway on March 27th.  A private pathologist concluded that Smith died this past September from a deadly combination of Methadone and anti-depressants.  The official police report is yet to be made public.  Smith originally went to the Bahamas seeking privacy. 

And Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have announced they’re heading for another impoverished region, in desperate need of outside aid, New Orleans.  Jolie and Pitt and their three kids reportedly moved into a $3.5 million mansion in the French Quarter just five days ago. 

US Weekly reporting that Jolie confirmed the move to them at the Golden Globes last night.