‘Tabs’: Anna Nicole is not LOL

/ Source: Countdown

Keith Olbermann rounds up tabloid and entertainment news every night on “Keeping Tabs.” On Wednesday, Jan. 24 he said this:

A source tells “Star Magazine” that Mr. K-Fed is trying to persuade Miss Spears to go to rehab, and to that end, "First he tried threatening to take away the kids. Then he tried pleading with her to take care of herself." 

Turning to a tabloid story that rivals the Spe-derlines for cliched white-trash content.  Who’s the daddy of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby?  A judge has temporarily blocked the order for Miss Smith to submit her young daughter to a paternity test, but that has not stopped her for apparently contacting the man who demanded that test, her ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead. 

TMZ.com exclusively obtaining an instant message conversation between the pair.  For your elucidation, here it is, unedited:

Smith: Quit trashing me at the casino. 
Birkhead: Not at a casino.
Smith: “Go F*** my mom to” “Y’all are sick.” 
Birkhead: Show up for the test with the baby. 
Smith: Don’t think so.
Birkhead: Do what’s right.
Smith: You wish. 
Birkhead: Everybody just want you to do right thing is all.
Smith: In your dreams.

Who needs lawyers when you have that kind of great telegram-like communication.