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Juggling life as mom, teacher and running back

How one women does it all -- plays mom, teacher and football player. An audio-slideshow by's David Friedman.
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As with many women athletes, Kathy Holloman's desire for a physical challenge, and the love of being on a team didn't go away with graduation.

"I ran track throughout college, and after that I needed something to pick up on to be competitive," says Holloman.

But it certainly wasn't for lack of things to do that she joined the New York Sharks. The 30-year-old school teacher is also a mom. She juggles her job teaching typing at a public middle school in West Orange, New Jersey, raising her 10-year-old son Jay and working out for one of the toughest teams in the Independent Women's Football League.

“I love football. I’m very competitive," she says. Beyond that, Holloman says, "You have a new family. The team is like part of your family.”

Play the slide show above to view images of Holloman in action, at work and at home, and hear her describe why she plays and how it fits in with the other parts of her busy life.