Boy: Dad said, ‘I am going to kill your mom’

/ Source: The Associated Press

A 7-year-old boy said his father told him, "Go to your grandma's house, I am going to kill your mom," before fatally shooting the woman over the weekend.

Ronald Hives screamed "No!" when his father ordered him to leave the father's apartment, but the boy said he does not remember hearing the shots. He remembers seeing blood on his mother and on the wall, as well as her dying words.

"She said, 'Bye, Ronald. I love you,'" the boy, a second-grader, told The Philadelphia Inquirer in an interview at the home of relatives.

Police issued an all-points bulletin Tuesday for the arrest of Jason Hives, 33, in the killing of Ruth Angel Hayes.

Hayes, 27, who was four months pregnant, was shot multiple times Saturday. Before she died, she told Ronald to run to his grandmother's home a block away and call for help.

The couple had been estranged for about a month, according to relatives. Hayes brought the boy to the apartment Saturday so he could see his father, and the pair had a loud argument, Ronald said. The boy said his mother raised an iron and threatened to burn Hives if he did not leave her alone.

"When my mother went out the door, he followed and started shooting at her," Ronald said.

The victim's mother, Ruth Elizabeth Hayes, said Hayes and the boy had been living with her since the couple started having problems in December.