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Bush, Pelosi: Congrats on a productive weekend

US President George W. Bush (R) shakes h
President George W. Bush (R) shakes hands with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the House Democratic Issues Conference.Mike Theiler / AFP - Getty Images
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I love when politicians act like grown ups.

That hasn’t happened for a long time. Over the past four years, Republicans have done everything but question Democrats’ patriotism.

During that same time, Democrats have launched one spastic screed after another against the president.

It’s all been enough to leave the rest of us tired.

But this weekend gave reason to hope that our elected leaders will not bicker while Rome is burning. The president’s trip to the Democratic retreat was an important step toward healing the breach that has torn Washington apart since U.S. troops rushed into Iraq.

The president was respectful. The Democrats were respectful. It was enough to make me smile.

Fights about the president’s war plan will continue on the House and Senate floor. They should. For too long, real debate has been stifled by Republican dominance and Democratic reticence. But no more.

That doesn’t mean Republicans cannot debate the real issues without calling Democrats traitors and Democrats can’t do the same without accusing the president of killing babies for barrels of oil. If both sides come to terms with just how bad America’s plight is overseas, they may actually work together long enough to solve the problem.

Working together, there Americans can do anything. That may sound jingoistic, but I have two centuries of history on my side.

So congratulations to Mr. Bush and Ms. Pelosi on a weekend well spent!

Now if the president will tell his allies in the Senate to stop suggesting their fellow Republicans are traitors, we can move forward together.