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We are deluged with images of infidelity in movies, TV shows and celebrity magazines, but are these images reality or are our fears of infidelity overblown? To find out the facts, and iVillage today launch the Love, Lust and Loyalty survey. By tapping into's and iVillage's broad base communities, the anonymous survey will provide a unique snapshot on opinions about adultery, as well as people's actions, and examine how our attitudes about monogamy are changing. For example, if you had an opportunity to cheat on your partner and knew you would never get caught, would you go for it? Is e-mail flirting considered cheating or not?

The survey is available at:

"We have a lot of assumptions about infidelity, and this is a great opportunity to find out what's really going on," said Julia Sommerfeld, Senior Health Editor for "We start with the seemingly simple question 'what counts as cheating?' and go from there. Our readers are usually very eager to share their opinions and stories and we're looking forward to hearing what they have to say."

"Our community environment fosters expression and candor - our users feel as part of this community they can be honest about issues we typically dance around offline," said Kellie Gould, Editor-In-Chief of "The results of this survey will no doubt inspire a movement on our message boards."

The survey runs through February 19 and the results will be published on and on April 16. Stories on last year's sex survey can be found at: