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Suspicion surrounds Howard K. Stern

Many expressed their concerns about Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer and companion. Read a selection of your posts to our blog.
Anna Nicole Smith, left, and her lawyer Howard K. Stern, right, leave the U.S. Supreme Court, in this Feb. 28, 2006, file photo in Washington. Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

After Dateline's report, viewers and users logged and posted their thoughts about this story. Many shared their sorrow at centerfold's death, while others were frustrated with the media coverage. A good percentage expressed about their suspicion about Smith's lawyer and companion, Howard K. Stern.

During the report Saturday, Dateline featured an interview with Trim Spa CEO Alex Goen, a close friend of Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern. Goen defended Stern and says the allegations about his friend are "very unfortunate." Click here to read more of what Goen said. Stern has so far sidestepped the media spotlight.

Below, is a sampling of what people posted on our blog:

I’m sorry—but this entire drama and death of Anna Nicloe’s son, Daniel, and now Anna Nicole’s death with Howard K. Stern still claiming paternity to her baby, reeks of obvious foul play to me. I will personally not be happy until this Howard K. Stern is fully investigated in all this. Surely the law enforcement officials in this case have the good sense to connect the dots here and to check out every semblance of possible foul play including who the prominent foul player is, if anyone, and not just jump to the predominating conclusion that Anna was on heavy illegal drugs or overdosed on prescription drugs just as has been claimed about her son, Daniel. All so convenient, wouldn’t you say??
—Dzee (Sent Saturday, February 10, 2007 5:42 PM)

I do not know what all has happened .. no one does . BUT .. if Howard K. Stern was SUCH a great friend . why did he not take an adult with 105 fever to a hospital . that is a death sentence in an adult .. #2 . .why did he let her drink or take ANY drugs .. he may not have murdered her . but he did nothing to stop her downward spiral .. IMHO .. he is just as guilty of her death as anyone if not moreso . being as close to her as he was .. I am sorry . it is very strange that HE was the only one there when Anna’s son died .. now this .. and why the do NOT want to give DNA to prove paternity? .. is it possible . and I know this sounds awful . but someone related to Anna could have been the father .. and that person is no longer alive? .. Is that at all possible? .. I certainly hope not .. I feel VERY sorry for that poor child . who may be drug/alcohol addicted or become that way in later life .. what a sad .. sad story ..
—N.Ellen (Sent Sunday, February 11, 2007 7:13 AM)

My heart goes out to Anna Nicole & her beautiful daughter. I think that the child should be brought back to the US & that the courts should oversee the care & welfare of her until this mess is cleared up legally. Also, it is felt that Larry Birkhead is the biological father of the baby, as she looks exactly like him! Also, Howard Stern appears to be a controlling, seedy character, looking to cash in on Dannilyn’s fortune. Anna Nichole never seemed to be herself, in interviews, while he “hovered” around her, watching her every move & words. Absolute care needs to be taken in the DNA test; possibly 3 different tests taken by 3 different testing labs with absolute security, so there is no hanky-panky in the results!
—Anonymous (Sent Saturday, February 10, 2007 2:26 AM)

My sincere sympathy goes out to Virgie, her Mother in Texas. I know Anna craved the high life and attention it got her; but I feel it was at the urging of Howard K. Stern that she litterly turned her back on her own Mother. Her Mother was in so much pain seeing Daniel die so young and knowing Anna was headed down the same path, my heart broke when I saw her Mother’s plea to Anna and warning her about the people she was with and drugs. I’m with her family 100%. Their the ONLY people not in this for the money or publicity.They loved her and Daniel. I too believe Howard K. Stern was her and Daniel’s drug source and hope the law will investigate him......God Bless Virgie. God Bless and protect Little Dannylynn.... God Bless Anna and May She Rest in Peace.
—Frankie Hoge Lebanon, Illinois (Sent Saturday, February 10, 2007 10:48 AM)

Anna Nicole Smith‘s billionaire husband is dead now,her husband‘s son is dead and now her son is dead. Anna is dead. Doesn‘t anyone know these folks are getting killed because of “the money.” Someone better investigate Howard Stern. Someone also needs to be given custody of Anna!s little baby so that she can know who here real family is.
Jimmie Memphis,TN (Sent Saturday, February 10, 2007 3:53 PM)

Just as in the last comment I read on here, it seems more than just a simple co-incident that so many people surrounding Anna Nicole died suddenly and sometimes inexplicably and NOW Anna herself as well. I too believe or feel that Howard K. Stern has more than just an innocent place in all this and may have had a master plan (lawyer that he is ;-)) he obviously had much influence over Anna Nicole. I think that he warrants very close investigation and observation NOW. I am surely not the only one that this thought has occurred to. Just adding up 2 plus 2 seems to equal HOWARD K. Stern to me....That’s my take on all this increasing drama surrounding Anna Nicole’s latest chapter in her life and now her death.
—Dee Easter (Sent Saturday, February 10, 2007 5:19 PM)

I want to agree with those who say Howard Stern needs to be thoroughly investigated concerning this. If it is found that there was a drug cocktail in her system... who is to say that she took it willingly or knowingly. It could have been given to her with a purpose and perhaps her son went that way too. My husband thinks that it is possible that the son is the father of the baby and Howard Stern found out and got rid of him. I did hear that Anna accused Howard of killing her son when she first found out. Now why would she think that?
—Carol, Boston (Sent Saturday, February 10, 2007 9:09 PM)

Plain and simple, Howard Stern was Anna’s drug dealer. He supplied her drugs then propped her lifeless,doped up body in front of every camera imaginable (for a fee, of course). We’ve all seen those interviews...she could hardly hold her head up. Who would do that to someone they loved? I also believe that he supplied her son with that fatal dose. I can hear him now, “Take this Daniel, it will make you feel better”. Let’s face it, the more doped up everyone was, the more opportunity he had to pilfer Anna’s cash.
Lisa Houston,TX (Sent Saturday, February 10, 2007 9:11 PM)

Howard Stern is a very good lawyer. He sure knows what he wants and what he is doing. This is a very interesting real life story about GREED. The urgency to get married, the sudden death of a son, who is a possible heir, and holding on to a child, who is also an heir, witholding the DNA testing so the truth would finally come to light. Good job! May GOD bless the innocent baby. THERE is GOD who sees everything.
—anonymous (Sent Saturday, February 10, 2007 9:12 PM)

Please let Anna Nicole rest in peace!! All this negative media coverage is only making her look like a two bit floozie. Where is the guardian ad leitem for this little girl? What is taking so long with the paternity testing? Howard K. is highly suspicous and needs an immediate investigation, regardless of how “speechless” he is. He is covering up something. If no one credible is willing to look after the best interests of this child, please send her to me. I will love and care for her the best I can. Rest in peace Anna Nicole.
Rebecca Simmons (Sent Saturday, February 10, 2007 9:20 PM)

Shame on all you that are accusing Howard for being responsible for Anna’s death, he is the one person that has stayed faithfully by her side, loved her unconditionally, planned to marry her on Feb. 23, now after so recently losing Daniel he also has to lay to rest the love of his life. While he is grieving he also has to deal with Larry Prickhead, I mean Birkhead, whom claimed to love Anna, wanted to “prove” he is the father to DannieLynn, wanted custody of her and to top it off wanted Anna to pay his lawyer etc. bills, all this while the poor woman is grieving for her beloved son. Anyone wants to point fingers about what killed this lost soul look to the root of the problem, she lost her son, now some loser wants to take her daughter, be enough to break a mothers heart. Howard’s name is listed on the birth certificate as the father, he is who should have DannieLynn, not that so called mother of Anna (don’t even get me started about that pathetic woman), or Larry, I personally think those 2 are both seeing not much more than dollar signs, let Howard have some peace with HIS daughter. My heart goes out to you, Howard and to baby DannieLynn. Anna I hope you have finally found peace with Daniel, you were loved by many.
—Michelle, Saskatchewan, Canada (Sent Saturday, February 10, 2007)

My thoughts are; how easy everyone forgets that Anna Nicole Smith‘s baby does have a father, Howard K. Stern! Remember? When he stepped up to the plate to help Anna parent this child, no matter the circumstances. Even Anna says it when she did not know she was being recorded that her ex-boyfriend, the photographer is the one who left. Now after her death, and these men find out this baby is worth so much they want to claim the child, utter disgrace. Why did they not come forward to be responsible before Anna’s death. This reminds me of The Drama, “ANNIE”. But with men. How sick! My blessings are within you Anna, and forgive me.
Lourdes, Olympia, WA (Sent Sunday, February 11, 2007 12:58 AM)

Why can’t the authorities see that Howard Stern is the one they should be getting on.In my outlook on all this he also is the one who “conveniently” got rid of the items from the house.More than just the computer had to come up missing to have it look like a robbery,DUH heah authorities look into that why don’t you.Someone should have tracked Howards moves from the get go after Annas passing.And he says he cares so much for her? where was he when she wasn’t feeling well knowing of her depression why did he not stay with her IN THE ROOM even if she did want to rest at least she’s have a person right there with her,that’s real caring.The computer no doubt dissappeared cause it had sites that could mail certain drugs.I truely believe Howard planned all this first Daniel now Anna.He brainwashed her,kept her zoned out on drugs prescription or otherwise let her drink and all along knew it was killing her,not recalling she had taken the pills before she took more which then caused the death.Howard wasn’t close that hired person to watch her wasn’t around,Anna died alone and needlessly by the hand of GREEDY GREEDY people.Remember OJ? he got away with murder is Howard Stern going to also?
NJ.Kansas City Mo. (Sent Sunday, February 11, 2007 10:39 AM