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Elusive dog at Madrid airport finally nabbed

/ Source: The Associated Press

Snowy the terrier knows all about the hassle of airport security.

The brown-and-white pooch spent 11 days in a sensitive outdoor area of Madrid’s international airport — one of Europe’s busiest air hubs — scurrying about with a dog’s eye view of landing planes.

He managed to dodge security personnel until he was finally captured Sunday, after authorities called in dogcatchers.

The Jack Russell terrier became lost at the airport on Jan. 31 after arriving on an Iberia cargo plane from Britain. His owners were traveling on a separate plane to vacation in Spain, said Jaime Perez Guerra, a spokesman for Iberia airlines.

Snowy had been spending his time in the part of the airport where planes fly over at very low altitude as they approach the landing strip. That made it hard to security people to capture him.

There was also the risk of spooking Snowy and causing him to dash onto a runway, Perez Guerra said.

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In the end, airport officials called in staff from El Refugio, an animal rights organization, who nabbed him.

“I don’t know if it is the technology they have or simply lots of practice,” Perez Guerra said.