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‘Tabs’: Baseball is back

/ Source: Countdown

Keith Olbermann rounds up tabloid and entertainment news every night on “Keeping Tabs.”

Let’s descend into our nightly roundup of celebrity and entertainment news, Keeping Tabs. Beginning with a "What did we learn from the 49th annual Grammy Awards?" 

Dixie Chicks win big
Number one, Dixie Chicks won a bunch.  Two, Bill-O got a faux shout out from a guy named Ludacris, seemingly appropriate.  Anyway, Chicks' were the big story last night. They took home Record of the Year, Album of Year, Song of the Year, Country Album of the Year, Country Performance of the Year, and three World’s Greatest Mom mugs. 

In 2003 it was lead singer Natalie Maines who felt the wrath of the country music world for her disparaging comments aimed at President Bush.  Last night it was Maines who had the last laugh, accepting the Best Country Album Award with a hardy Nelson Munce, ha ha. 

Baseball season blooms
Five of the sweetest words in the English have been spoken around the country today and tonight: Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow!  Baseball Spring Training begins in Arizona and Florida, and those buried up to their stepladders in snow in upstate New York would be greatly relieved if only they could still hear us. 

Nevertheless, in a tradition as old as time itself, my colleagues at the Topps Company have been good enough to permit me to open up the very first, literally the first pack of the new 2007 baseball cards. This is the first box to hit stores later this week. And there’s always some sort of symbolism to the identity of the first player on the first card, to come out of the first pack. There it is. 

So let’s see who we have. All right, can I get it open. The first one in the front is Johnny Damon of the New York Yankees. Not planned in advance, how about that. Johnny Damon, Robinson, Tejada, some other guys I’ve never heard of.  B.J. Upton, Eric—so you look for something from them, but I’m not sure which. 

There it is. Johnny Damon, the first player out of the first pack of the first baseball cards of 2007. Good luck to him and all who sail on him.