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Is Gore hot enough for 2008 presidential bid?

/ Source: HotSoup

Al Gore is hot. Or at least that’s the conventional wisdom about the former vice president who lost the fiercely fought 2000 presidential race and retired from politics to make a personal fortune. All this raises a question.

“Since being nominated for an Oscar for his movie "An Inconvenient Truth", then being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, is this the best time for Al Gore to step into the ring?” asked a writer at , a politically minded online community that focused on the Gore question this week. “Coming off an Oscar and Nobel Prize win, Al Gore would be hotter than ever, and could easily become the new face of the Democrats. Still though, he's the guy who “created” the Internet, right?”

That ambivalence crept its way into many posts at , just as they do in conversations about Gore among Washington insiders. Some examples:

  • “He has a ton of experience, name recognition, religious credentials, a Southern background, a family political tradition and a brilliant mind, but I just cannot buy into his candidacy and I don't know why,” said “ezwriter.”  “He led an effort to shrink government and inject total quality thinking into it.  He has a national network from which to draw a strong, well versed team. (But) does he have credibility with the people?  Will we trust him?  Do we see our future in his vision of the future?
  • “No I don't think Gore should run,” wrote Dave T. “We watched him in the shadows while Clinton was president and he had a chance to make a showing then.  I don't believe the American people trust him enough.”
  • “He won the popular vote once already and then he came out with all this stuff that has only made him more popular and even more name recognition,” wrote a community member who goes by the username “omgwtfbbq.” “A candidate with a peace prize nomination in the middle of an unpopular war might be a winning combination as well.  I think he has a good chance.”
  • “There's something about Al's personality (like his superciliousness) that people just don't like,” wrote “traveler1951.”There's a false note.”
  • “I guess I have to ask which Al Gore we are talking about.  The man has reinvented himself so many times? I don't think he knows who he is anymore,” wrote “civilservant.”
  • “Gore wasn't like that before he got involved with the Clintons.  He ran for president in 1988 and was always an affable, energetic guy,” wrote “pianoman.” “I don't know what happened to him after eight years with the Clintons but he seemed like a different person after that. Now that he's been away from it, he may have regained his former self again.”

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