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Broward Judge Gaining Attention Through Smith Trial

Some people believe Broward Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin is stirring up about as much attention as the case he's presiding over.
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The focus of the Anna Nicole Smith hearing is to decide who will gain custody of her remains and where she will be buried.

But the presiding judge is drawing almost as much attention as the case itself. "He's got no dog in the race, other than the best interest of the child, and he's telling me, 'Who is the father?' Don't I need to know who the father is?" Broward County Circuit Court Judge Larry Seidlin said in court on Tuesday.

"A dog in the race" is just one of the many interesting comments heard as Seidlin presides.

On the matter of the validity of Smith's will:

"When fish has a little smell, you get rid of the whole fish," Seidlin said. "It's a piece of paper that's purported to be the will that causes me to lose more hair than I already have lost."

On returning Howard K. Stern home to the Bahamas on Tuesday night after court proceedings:

"My tentacles go outside this courtroom. I've been here a long time, created plenty of goodwill. I got two airplanes ready to go," Seidlin said.

On deciding when the attorney for Smith's mother is finished with cross-examination:

"Texas, have a seat," Seidlin said.

With worldwide media attention focused on the Broward County courtroom, Seidlin and his ringmaster-like demeanor is gaining the attention of the entertainment industry, with some speculating that he might end up with his own TV show.

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