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Gender preferences in the corner office

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Those of you who think the glass ceiling has been broken can think again. Both men and women surveyed by Elle Magazine and said they think men make better leaders on the job — although their comments reflected some serious frustrations with both male and female bosses. Here's a sampling of the comments, which were submitted anonymously:

“Female bosses are overly emotional creatures who plot and backstab when confronted with challenge."
Male, 22

“A male boss will tend to be less catty and not involve their personal life into work.”
Male, 30

“Male bosses sit back, make you work and take all the credit."
Female, 48

“As liberated as I consider myself to be, I think I’d have a problem taking orders from a woman."
Male, 38

“Every female I have ever worked for feels they have to prove something.”
Female, 43

"As a gay male I find that male bosses can be 'typical males'; prefer the security of women."
Male, 28

“Women in power usually have a chip on their shoulder and spend valuable energy proving their worth.”
Male, 26

“Because women feel they have had a harder road, they seem to favor other women.”
Male, 60

“Being a female myself, it’s less competitive to work for a male boss.”
Female, 26

“As a female I feel as though I could ‘work the system’ more with a male boss.”
Female, 23

“My male boss treats females as a lower species and show no respect to any female, including his wife.”
Female, 51

“Most of my managers have been incompetent idiots. Incompetency isn't a gender-specific trait."
Female, 42

“Almost every female boss I’ve had has allowed emotions to affect her decision-making."
Male, 43

“Female bosses tend to nurture and foster growth organically; male bosses love the competition factor.”
Male, 22

“Strictly based on past experience, I’ve always had more fun with a male boss.”
Female, 49

“The female boss I worked for was distracted by her kids.”
Male, 29

“Due to this being a male-dominated world, females tend to overcompensate, making them less effective.”
Male, 42