‘Scarface’ T-shirt fails as bank robbery threat

/ Source: The Associated Press

A man who demanded a check for $10,000 from a bank just wasn't the threat Al Pacino's character was in "Scarface" and only made it out with a loan application, police said.

The 24-year-old Michigan City man entered the City Savings Bank just before noon Tuesday and asked to see the manager, the police report said. Brian Nelson, vice president of consumer lending at the northwestern Indiana bank, brought him into his office and the man demanded a check for $10,000, Nelson told Michigan City police.

The man said he would accept a personal check from Nelson and lifted up his T-shirt, which was inside out, to display an image from "Scarface." It showed Pacino's character, Tony Montana, brandishing a gun and the words "Straight to Hell," the report said.

Pacino in the movie plays a Cuban emigre who, with his friend Manny Ray, builds a strong drug empire in early 1980s Miami through ruthless violence.

Say hello to my little shirt
The man at the bank told Nelson "You see what I mean" and "I don't want to get up on you" after showing him the shirt, according to the report.

Nelson told police he didn't know if the man was attempting to rob him. He said he told the man he could not write him a check, gave him a loan application, and the man left.

Charges were not filed because the man made no direct threats and did not seem to have a weapon, police said.