‘Worst’ award: Limbaugh’s racism accusations

/ Source: Countdown

Every night at 8 p.m. on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann awards his daily pick for "Worst Person in the World." Some contenders are lucky — or unlucky —enough to be nominated more than once.

The Bronze goes to former NBA All-Star, now coach of the minor league Albany Patroons, Micheal Ray Richardson.
Talking with reporters before a game night before last, about his negotiations for a new contract, Richardson said, "I've got big-time lawyers." "I've got big-time Jew lawyers."
When the reporters offered him a way out, suggesting his comment might be 'misunderstood' as the stereotype that Jewish people are crafty and shrewd, Richardson went on: "Are you kidding me? They are... Listen, they are hated all over the world, so they've got to be crafty. If you look in most professional sports, they're run by Jewish people. If you look at a lot of most successful corporations and stuff, more businesses, they're run by Jewish."

That was before the game. During the game, Richardson shouted at a heckler to shut up, and called the man a common derogatory term for gay people preferred by Ann Coulter. Coach Richardson has been suspended. Sounds like he could use the rest -- he must be exhausted.

The runner-up: New York Giants football coach Tom Coflin. He's compared public and media criticism he received last season, to what Adolf Hitler went through. "I hear some of it and I see it," he told a pro football coaches' breakfast. Quoting again: "Hitler and then me, in that order. Unfortunate, but it is."

Two crazy coaches, who still don't compare to our winner, Comedian Rush Limbaugh. Claiming criticism of Attorney General Gonzales... is racism.

"So you have the first Hispanic-American attorney general -- a minority -- under fire by white liberal racists in the Senate."

Like Senator Salazar? Senator Salazar is racist against Hispanics? This from a guy who insisted Liberals were exaggerating Donovan McNabb's skills because they wanted to see a black quarterback succeed... This from a guy who has happily called Barack Obama a quote "Halfrican-American."

Comedian Rush Limbaugh is Thursday's Worst Person In The World.