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Readers share their favorite office pranks

We asked you to submit your favorite office pranks you've committed in honor of April Fools' Day. Turns our readers are some pretty mischievous workers. Here's a sampling of your e-mails.
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We asked you to submit your favorite office pranks you've committed in honor of April Fool's Day. Turns our readers are some pretty mischievous workers. Here's a sampling of your e-mails.

Candid camera
A remote co-worker and I convinced another co-worker that she was visible on a webcam. I would see what she was wearing and relay that info to the remote co-worker. He would comment on her clothes with exact detail. She totally freaked out and tried to find the camera. She also asked me if I was telling him these things, but with a straight face, I told her no. Eventually she found out that there was not a webcam, but we convinced her that there was actually a friend of the remote co-worker that had a crush on her and was keeping an eye on her. She got a little creeped out so we let her off the hook. – Chris, Sunnyvale, CA

It's a gas
A co-worker bought an economy car some years back. Friends and I started adding small amounts of gas to his tank on frequent intervals. He started boasting about what great fuel economy he was getting. After he took the car in for scheduled maintenance we began removing small amounts of gas in frequent intervals. He was sure the dealer did something wrong when the car was in for its checkup. He didn't see the humor in it when we 'fessed up. – Anonymous, MI

We put a cooked duck under the seat of a real jerk's car the day it was 108 and he was driving 10 hours. – Anonymous, NE

I placed small Post-It notes under everyone's mouse and wrote April Fool's on them. So many people never thought to look under the mouse when the mouse would not work. – Tammy, Williamsburg, VA

A winner
I am firefighter, practical jokes are part of the job. One of our brother firefighters was really into the lottery. The entire unit would chip in a couple of bucks and this guy who I will call Bob, always checked the numbers. We videotaped the previous drawing and made sure we had a ticket to match those numbers, the trap was set. When it was time to draw the numbers, we hit play on the VCR and yelled for Bob to come get the numbers. Bob wrote down the numbers and proceeded to check the numbers. Of course he had the matching numbers. Oh what a sight. Bob was sure he had just won millions. The joke continued until Bob picked up the phone to call the fire chief and tell him he was quitting. This is my April Fools' joke. Bob did have one great line when it was all over. He looked at us and said, "You may think it's funny, but I am the only guy here who knows what it feels like to win the lottery." For a few minutes, Bob was on Cloud Nine. – Kerry Meyer, St. Bernard, OH

Daylight savings
I got up at about 6 a.m. and set my roommate’s clock forward an hour when we were in our dorm in college. I waited until the clock said it was 7:25 and said, "Dave, don't you have a 7:30 class?" It was pretty funny to watch him panic and try to get ready! I finally told him as he was running out the door with his pants in his hands. He has never forgotten April Fools' Day. – John Allen, Barrington, IL

Snack survey
We had just gotten a new snack machine in our office. I sent everyone except Mike an e-mail saying that Mike had volunteered to take a survey of choices for the machine. I explained that Mike was a busy guy, so that instead of wasting his time, everyone should just leave him a voicemail simply stating their two choices among Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Ring Dings and Ding-Dongs. Within 15 minutes, poor Mike's voicemail box was overflowing with dozens of messages that just said things like "Ding Dongs and Ho-Ho's" or "Twinkies and Ring Dings" with no explanation. He didn't have a clue why. – Tom Infurna, Scarsdale, NY

We swiped a co-worker's beloved Ohio State bobble head "Brutus" and sent it to a customer who was in on the joke. The customer then had their graphics department create and send anonymous e-mails from Brutus' captors to our co-worker with pictures of Brutus winning the Tour de France, running with the bulls, in a Mexican prison, etc. I was crushed when our co-worker figured out who was behind it all because our little joke had to come to an end. – Lynn, Chicago, IL

All wet
What I do every year is to tape down the handle on the sink sprayer and aim it straight ahead. I do this in both the upstairs and downstairs break rooms. Someone always comes out wet. – Ed, Anchorage, Alaska

Sound the alarm
I used to work for a Radio Shack back years and years ago. We once set all the alarm clocks and radios to go off within one minute of each other. The manager who was working there at the time nearly had a meltdown. He finally saw the humor in it, but it was really hysterical looking at him run to another section of the store only to get there and have another one began buzzing or ringing or dinging or music going on! – JD Brewer, Phoenix, AZ

Too pretty
Packed up all of my secretary's personal belongings at work and informed her that my wife said she was "too pretty" to work here anymore and had to fire her. She started crying uncontrollably and I then informed her it was April Fools' Day – Rodney, Simi Valley, CA

Screen shot
An overly trusting co-worker didn't lock his PC when he left for break. I took a screen shot of his desktop, set it as his wallpaper, then moved all of his desktop items and shortcuts into his "my documents" folder. Everything looked like it should because the wallpaper had their images — but mysteriously nothing we'd moved into "my documents" would respond to any clicks of the mouse. He was completely stumped for about 15 minutes until I confessed. – Dave, Gainesville, GA