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Empty airport passenger bridge collapses

An empty passenger bridge collapsed Friday over the wing of a United Airlines plane at Denver International Airport, damaging the aircraft but causing no injuries, the airline said.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Crews at Denver's airport are working to remove a passenger bridge that collapsed over the wing of a United Airlines jet.

The Boeing 757 had just arrived from Boston with 184 passengers and crew. But the bridge was empty when it collapsed, and there were no injuries. Airport authorities don't yet know what caused the collapse.

The bridge extends from the concourse to the plane. The one that collapsed is a new type that extends over the wing so passengers can use both the front and rear exits of the plane. Denver is one of the first airports to use the over-the-wing bridge.

The plane had been scheduled to fly to New York, but that flight has been canceled and United says passengers were booked on other flights.