Best Buy offers help in ‘Second Life’

/ Source: The Associated Press

The online world of "Second Life" is about to get even geekier.

Best Buy Co. Inc. plans to open Geek Squad Island, a spot in "Second Life" where its Geek Squad technical support workers will offer free computer advice.

The virtual world will have regular office hours (6 p.m. to 3 a.m. EDT, seven days a week). The online characters will wear white, short-sleeve button-down shirts, black pants and, of course, a badge.

Best Buy said many of its Geek Squad agents already were a part of "Second Life," a virtual 3-D world where people can gather and interact.

Some of the Best Buy's plans sounded as if they would fit in with the "Second Life" vibe of wandering around and seeing what's there to see. But others resembled Best Buy's core business of selling tech toys, like the "Future Home" that will include an interactive exhibit showing new home technology.

The company said it would hold regular events on Geek Squad Island, and offerings will evolve as Geek Squad agents add to it in future months.