NBC has received packet from VT shooter

NBC has received material from the Virginia Tech shooter believed to have been sent between the first and second shooting.  Following is a transcript of the announcement on MSNBC.

ALEX WITT, MSNBC anchor: I am joined on the phone, actually I’m getting word, we do have breaking news.  We are expecting this news conference at the bottom of the hour.  It would turn out this conference from Virginia Tech that NBC News has become to some degree, a part of this investigation.

NBC News has received some information from the deceased shooter in which we received a packet that included some images and a length by diatrab that we believe may shed light on what he was doing between the first shooting and the second.  This includes some images, a disturbing, rambling multi page statement.  NBC News immediately turned this information over to the authorities to assist in their investigation.

NBC News has been going through this information themselves as well, mindful of the sensitivity of the nature of the information with regard to the families of the deceased.  We will not give out any specifics of the information as we’ve seen them thus far.  We expect to hear more about this in the briefing, coming up in about four minutes.