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Two deer walk into a retirement home ...

/ Source: The Associated Press

A pair of deer took a quick tour of a retirement home after one accidentally triggered an automatic door.

The animals were wandering near the home Wednesday when one stepped on a mat that triggered a clear sliding door, according to staff members and surveillance tapes.

"The joke afterward was that they were trying to get in because it was taco day," said Frank Buhrman, spokesman for Cross Keys Village/The Brethren Home Community.

The deer ran down a hallway where two staff members were waiting for an elevator. The shocked staffers went into a cafeteria service area and closed the door, Buhrman said.

One deer walked into the elevator but left before the door could close and take it to another floor, Buhrman said.

The deer then split up. One made it to a loading dock area and escaped through another automatic door. The other jumped through a window, Buhrman said.

Their adventure took just over a minute, Buhrman said.