Celebrity Mexico getaways  

Enjoy the spectacular view of Zihuatanejo Bay at La Casa Que Canta, Zihuatanejo. Get a preview by watching Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia enjoying the resort’s infinity pool in '.
Enjoy the spectacular view of Zihuatanejo Bay at La Casa Que Canta, Zihuatanejo. Get a preview by watching Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia enjoying the resort’s infinity pool in '.© La Casa Que Canta/Getty
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It was a banner year for Mexican filmmakers at this year’s Oscars. Films from three stellar directors, Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel), Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men), and Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) garnered a total of 16 nominations—and an avalanche of praise. And while Hollywood celebrates its new Mexican presence, our neighbor to the south continues to welcome the A-listers to its shores. “For those seeking a paparazzi-free getaway, Mexico also offers luxurious boutique hotels in intimate and secluded settings,” said Carlos Behnsen, executive director of marketing for the Mexico Tourism Board.

“It’s only a two-hour flight from to Los Cabos, where many stars like to go,” said Mariana Perdrero, director of the Mexico Tourism Board in . The celebrity magnet of the moment is in Los Cabos. Since opening in 1997, hordes of stars have visited the majestic 71-room resort: Bono, Jennifer Lopez, Meg Ryan, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, Adam Sandler (with dogs Matzo ball and Meatball in tow), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt...the list goes on. With a no-request-is-impossible mantra, the hotel offers unique touches like aromatherapy turndown service, Mini Cooper convertibles to cruise around Cabo and customized sewing kits to match the colors of your wardrobe.

And aside from the stellar service, beautiful architecture, artful oceanview rooms and beachfront locale, other elements at La Ventanas also prove highly appealing. “The resort hosts VIPs from all over the world and there are certain things that are very attractive to them,” said Maria Elena Soto, the hotel’s director of public relations. “The resort does not have a sign. You have to know where it is.” The hotel is also adept at handling Spartan dietary requirements. And needless to say, the Los Cabos airport is skilled at accommodating private jets.

Red-carpet strollers are also looking for resorts that will safeguard their privacy and provide ample space for an entourage that might include nannies, assistants, friends and private security. And can accommodate just that. The five-bedroom oceanfront Arena Suite features a private pool and gated entrance. And this spring the resort will introduce the Coral Suite, specifically designed for the family or celebrity with an entourage.

“Entourage travel is a growing segment, not only among celebrities, which we certainly get our share of, but also among families and business groups,” said Christian Clerc, the resort’s general manager. The suite in question contains a full kitchen, pools, fitness center, spa and media room with state-of-the-art equipment including theater-style and reclining leather chairs with foot rests, along with a 92" plasma screen TV and digital surround sound.

A-listers are often attracted to specific resorts because they don't receive special attention. “It's been our experience that they actually like being treated as normal guests,” said Frederique Naffrichoux, Director of Sales and Marketing for the exquisite Marquis Los Cabos where Magic Johnson and Spike Lee have stayed. “What they strive for is a normal experience without having to hide.”

Celebrities can lead fairly cloistered existences, so the opportunity to peacefully explore the surrounding countryside is immensely appealing. With 6,000 miles of beaches and a rich cultural heritage, there are many uniquely Mexican pursuits, like visiting the Mayan Ruins or exploring miles of underwater rivers or sink holes. When Tom Cruise visited Maroma, he swam with dolphins and went whale-shark watching at Holbox Island. “If you take Maroma out of Mexico,” said Chehda, “it won’t be Maroma anymore.”

So from Zihuatanejo Bay to Los Cabos to the Riviera Maya to , we bring you 12 resorts in Mexico that celebrities adore.