Doolittle alleges intimidation by government

/ Source: The Associated Press

California Congressman John Doolittle already is under scrutiny in the Jack Abramoff congressional corruption case. Now he's accusing the government of trying to intimidate his wife to get him to admit to committing a crime.

Doolittle says FBI agents searched his home to put more pressure on them after he wouldn't admit to anything.

The Republican congressman made the comments on "The Tom Sullivan Show" in Sacramento, California. The Justice Department has declined to comment.

Doolittle's wife runs a bookkeeping and event-planning business from the couple's Virginia home. She had done work for Abramoff, who has pleaded guilty to conspiracy, mail fraud and other charges for bilking his Indian tribe clients out of tens of millions of dollars with promises to influence the decisions of Congress and the Interior Department.

Doolittle was friends with Abramoff and accepted campaign money from him.