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Your tributes to fallen soldiers readers share memories of troops killed in Iraq, Afghanistan
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This Memorial Day, asked readers to share photos and memories of loved ones killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are their stories, unedited and unvarnished. To view a special photo gallery honoring these soldiers, click .

Julio Cesar Cisneros Alvarez

Daniel Anderson

Sherwood R. Baker

Dominic Rocky Baragona

Kenny Bostic

Brian J. Bradbury

Hoby Frank Bradfield Jr.

Dean R. Bright

Ryan Montgomery Campbell

Adam Cann

Christopher B. Cosgrove III

Jeremy E. DePottey

Robert V. Derenda

Stephen P. Downing

Justin Wesley Dreese

Blain Ebert

David Harrison Ford

Timothy Adam Fulkerson

Todd C. Gibbs

Christopher Golby

Adam James Harting

Raymond Lamar Henry

Patrick William Herried

Curtis Tyrone Howard II

Sam Williams Huff

Leon Gifford James II

Anthony A. Kaiser

Charles Robert Lamb

Karina S. Lau

Timothy J. Lauer

Terry M. Lisk

Jason A. Lucas

Jeffrey Allen Lucas

Nick Madaras

Nicholas J. Manoukian

Michael Marzano

Donald C. May, Jr.

Brian A. Medina

Daniel Marshall Morris

Jason William Daniel Morrow

Russell H. Nahvi

John Nyren

George Obourn Jr.

Evan S. Parker

Harvey E. Parkerson III

Michael B. Presley

George A. Pugliese

Jason Carroll Ramseyer

Justin Allan Rollins

Oscar Sauceda

Jonathan Kena Smith

Cole Spencer

Jeff Starr

James John Stoddard

Joseph A.L. Strong

Harry R. Swain

Daniel Torres

Thomas B. Turner

Ruben Villa Jr.

Rusty Lee Washam

Joshua S. Wilfong

Wesley Williams

Harry A. Winkler III

Kevin M. Witte