Men sought in threat to U.S. bases in Germany

/ Source: NBC News and news services

Two men are being sought on suspicion of plotting to attack U.S. military facilities in Germany, U.S. and German officials told NBC News Friday. The alleged plot included a date, May 5, for an attack, but otherwise lacked much credibility, one official said.

The sources said officials have been looking for the two men, a German and a Turk, for nearly a month.

German intelligence earlier uncovered an e-mail that suggested an attack might be planned for May 5.

While the date has passed, a German official said the threat is still being taken seriously.

A U.S. counterterrorism official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said "the threat was taken seriously at the time and isn't being dismissed now. But there's nothing to suggest a new urgency to this."

The concern relates to intelligence that the two men had converted to Islam and visited Pakistan — just as other terrorist plotters from the United States and Britain have.

Much of this information was derived from a raid on the residence of at least one of the two men. The suspects were not identified by name.

On April 20, the U.S. Embassy in Bonn issued a statement that hinted of security concerns. "U.S. diplomatic and consular facilities in Germany are increasing their security posture," it stated. "We are taking these steps in response to a heightened threat situation. The U.S. Embassy encourages Americans in Germany to increase their vigilance and take appropriate steps to bolster their own personal security."