Polk family statement

Felix Polk was a beloved father, brother, uncle, cousin, and nephew to his family. We as his family are devastated not only by his loss but by the violent manner in which he was taken from us. 

It has been painful to stand by and listen to the many lies about  Felix.  He was not a violent man.  He did not abuse his children.  He was not the controlling and manipulative individual that Susan portrayed him to be.  

Felix was a loving and good man, and much loved in return.  Though justice has been served, there is no triumph here.  Felix is no longer  in our lives and we miss him terribly.

We have chosen not to speak to the media until this point because of  our firm belief that the case should be tried in the court room, not in the press.  We will not be taking questions or making additional statements.

Members of the Felix Polk family:
Jennifer Polk, Andrew Polk, Gabriel Polk, Adam Polk, John Polk, Evelyn Polk,  Peter Weiss, Deborah Hirschland, David, Hirschland, Madi Hirschland, Richard Hirschland, Michael Polk, Suzanne Polk