Missing teen forced into car, video shows

/ Source: The Associated Press

A surveillance video shows a missing 18-year-old being forced into her car at a Target store where she had stopped for an errand over the weekend, police said.

Kelsey Smith, who graduated from high school less than two weeks ago, left the store Saturday evening and put packages into her car when someone ran toward her, police said.

"As she opened the driver's side door, the individual sprinted up behind her and pushed her into the car," Police Capt. Tom Fredrickson said.

Police were working to enhance the quality of that video, which has not been released because it is so poor, Detective Matthew Bregel said.

Overland Park police did release another video of Smith walking into and out of Target and of a man they called a "person of interest," Detective Bob Miller said. Police had received several tips and Miller said he was confident police would identify the person of interest Tuesday.

Investigators have said they don't know if Smith was picked at random or abducted by someone she knew.

About two hours after Smith disappeared, her grandparents found her gray 1987 Buick in a parking lot at a nearby mall with her purse and packages still inside.

Miller said Tuesday the Smith family was holding up "as well as can be expected."

"I talked to the dad early this morning," he said. "They're starting to crumble a little bit because we're past the 48-hour window. He knows the urgency and the gravity of the situation now."

Smith had been expected to attend a pool party with her boyfriend and then go to dinner to celebrate their six-month anniversary Saturday night.