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Source of water reveals bottled-up controversy

PepsiCo Inc.’s announcement that it would more clearly disclose that its Aquafina bottled water comes from the same sources as municipal tap water prompted hundreds of readers to debate the merits of buying a plastic bottle versus filling a glass at the kitchen sink.
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Who knew bottled water could be so controversial?

PepsiCo Inc.’s announcement that it would more clearly disclose that its Aquafina bottled water comes from the same sources as municipal tap water prompted hundreds of readers to debate the merits of buying a plastic bottle versus filling a glass at the kitchen sink.

Some readers were shocked by the disclosure, while others were surprised more people didn’t realize where bottled water comes from. Still, others shrugged off the news, saying that bottled water is a necessity in their lives, either for convenience of health reasons.

Here are some excerpts:

One word - convenience
Convenience, convenience, convenience. I don't really care if it is tap water. It is cold, clean and in a bottle. It does not cost that much if you buy a case on sale.
-Pivo Man

Feels duped
I have been buying tap water, about four cases a week for the past 5 years, because I was duped. I was led to believe that the bottled water was in some way cleaner than tap water  (and) therefore better for me.  No more. I have plenty of the bottles left over that were ready for recycling.  I will wash those and use them to hold my tap water from home. I feel stupid for believing the companies but, then again, I’m not surprised.  I am however going to take this one step further and will never purchase a Coke or PepsiCo product again.
-Alan Holliday II

Worry about bottles
I am not so worried about the water as the bottle. When I started doing some research about the number of bottles that are thrown away every year it freaked me out. Also you should not refill and reuse those bottles they are not made to be reused, but they can be ground up and remade into new bottles. It is insane to bury them in a dump.
-Al 182

Consumers' fault
American consumers will drink anything if you put it in a bottle and eat anything if you put it on a plate.  All you have to do is make the label attractive and hype the product. I have never bought a bottle of water, but I live in an area where I know the water is the best.

Only alternative
I drink filtered tap water at home.  But if I'm driving somewhere and I'm thirsty and I don't want to drink soda because of all the warnings about obesity, and can't buy a pack of cigarettes because those are bad for you too, and am hungry but the only thing around is McDonalds but can't have that because we all know how bad fast food is, then, yeah, I'll buy a bottled water because hey, at least it's no more dangerous than filtered tap water.

Just tastes better
I never saw the necessity of bottled water until I moved to Missouri.  I was unpacking and needed something to drink.  I went to the tap, let if get cold for a minute and filled up a glass.  It tasted so bad that I spit it all over my kitchen wall.  Some days, you could even see things floating in it.  We tried various filtration systems, but it never did enough for the taste.  I really wish they would do something!  I can think of many ways I would rather spend the money we spend on bottled water!

Address pollution problems
I don't normally buy or drink bottled water, but I know a lot of idiots, including a lot of teenagers, who do. It's been known for years to anyone who's paying attention that many brands of bottled water are, in fact, tap water. However, since bottled water is legal, a good first step would be a federal requirement that a deposit be paid on each returned plastic bottle nationwide. This would at least begin to address the monumental pollution problem that bottled water drinkers have created.
-Jon D.

Healthy alternative
I buy bottled water by choice for convenience, sanitary assurance and for taste consistency when traveling. I also appreciate that they are chilled at the time of purchase. I do not like to use public water fountains unless they have cups, and even then the cup portion is so small it is inconvenient.  The availability of bottled water everywhere has helped me change my drinking habits, using more water rather than other less healthy alternatives.
-Reasonable Jimmy

It's the bottle, stupid
I don't buy the water when I buy bottled water. I pay for the convenience of the plastic bottle. In my mind, if I'm paying $1 for a plastic bottle then in that $1 I'm paying the cost to clean up the environment should be included.

Spring water
I only buy bottled water if I'm sure that's really natural spring water (from the mountains, especially from natural sources) Otherwise, I use tap water. I try to avoid adding more plastic garbage to our neighborhood.

Tap water is 'nasty'
We drink bottled water because the tap water where we live is nasty!  It is so heavily chlorinated that after a shower the bathroom smells like a public swimming pool.  It tastes terrible, very bitter and slightly metallic.  I don't care where my bottled water comes from as long as it tastes good and clean.

'Water snobs'
We are water snobs and have been weaned off tap water for close to ten years now. The water supply here is ample, but the natural water from the tap is so terrible. We budget to spend more on bottled water for drinking and it has become second nature. Even our pets drink bottled water.
-Neb Dem

'An eye-opener'
I am from Buffalo, N.Y., where the tap water (especially in the summer) has a flavor that is hard to describe but it is not good.  I drink Aquafina every day and realize now I was wasting my money and should just filter water through a Brita system.  I have become dependent on bottled water simply because it tastes better and I felt I was drinking purer water than tap water.  I think this was definitely an eye-opener.

Concerned about pipes
We filter our water both because the water systems tap water tastes funny and because the pipes in our house are copper and I don't trust that the solder doesn't contain lead.  We use bottled water away from home because it is usually the only cold drink available except soda.

Bottle safety worries
Bottled water is contained in bottles that are for one-time use only.  The toxins that are released from reusing them or keeping them in a place where there are temperature fluctuations is stupid and dangerous. Why don't people use the energy it takes to lug those stupid cases home and just get a Brita faucet filter? 

(I) can't get over this latest revelation.  We drink bottled because we were told not to drink the water that comes from our tap.  Apparently where we live is close to where chemicals are put into the water for what purposes we aren't aware of.  We'd never drink it anyway, or take a bath in it or cook with it for that matter.  And to Aquafina — or is it PepsiCo — disgraceful and we will never drink any of your products again.