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3-year-old dropped off at vacant day care center

A 3-year-old Kentucky boy was supposed to be dropped off at his Rowan County day care Monday, but wound up at a vacant day care building instead. His mother is outraged.
/ Source: The Associated Press

A 3-year-old boy was supposed to be dropped off at his day care in Rowan County, Ky., on Monday, but wound up at a vacant day care building instead.

The mother of Donovan Blevins says the bus driver brought her son to the right day care for the past two weeks, and she wonders how that routine got fouled up on Monday when the boy was dropped off at a day care that had closed for two weeks.

"He was knocking on the door, a 3-year-old knocking on the door, trying to get into the day care that's been closed for two weeks," said Diana Blevins.

The most troubling part of the incident is that a speech and a hearing problem makes Donovan especially vulnerable.

"He can barely say his own name," said Diana Blevins. "We rely on the school system to help take care of our kids, and we put them in their hands and they failed on me, they completely failed me. That bus driver and that monitor did not do their job. They let my son out by his self without no one there to reach for his hand. He's 3 years old."

Another bus driver spotted Donovan and brought him to the right day care.

Donovan's day care director said the incident was a clear violation. "The monitor has to physically hand a preschool child. You have to hold their hand or they won't let them off the bus," said Lacy Collins of Busy Bee Daycare.

The Rowan County Schools superintendent said the driver is suspended until the investigation is complete, and that the bus monitor won't be riding buses anymore. And while Donovan is OK, his mother wants the driver and monitor fired.

"I never want another mother to feel the way I feel, never," said Blevins. "I never want another mother to feel that way."

The school superintendent said the bus driver is very competent and that everyone makes mistakes. He also said the school system has reviewed and updated its policies to make sure such an incident never happens again.