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Australian eatery puts moths on the menu

After a swarm of moths invaded Australia's capital this week, a local restaurateur is giving some interesting advice: If you can't beat them, eat them.
Millions of bogong moths  swoop down on Australian cities every October, and now a restaurant wants to serve them to you.Will Burgess / Reuters file

After a swarm of moths invaded Australia's capital this week, a local restaurateur is giving some interesting advice: If you can't beat them, eat them.

When news broke that the annual migration of Bogong moths had flown into the hallowed halls of Parliament House in Canberra, Kurt Gruber, manager of Manuka's Ironbark Cafe, told The Australian newspaper that the moths could be cooked in a number of tasty ways.

"They can be made into a soup or flamed in some brandy," he said.

"You flame them so the wings and the fur burn off and they go crunchy."

Gruber plans to collect the tiny winged delicacies, but is unsure how they will go down with his customers.

"I thought when I put possum on the menu it wouldn't sell, but they couldn't get enough of it."

Scientist Martyn Robinson is also a moth enthusiast. He often eats them raw, but says they're also yummy when cooked in meals.

"I'd probably recommend only 10 a day, but 10 is plenty," Robinson said, warning that the insects could be covered in pesticides.

Bogong moths have a wing span of up to 2 inches, and generally migrate to cooler areas, traveling up to 1,900 miles to reach caves in the Australian Alps.

Often the insects are detoured by city lights along the way.

Apparently the best solution is digesting the infesting.

Naked lunch
Here's more from the wacky food front: A Maine eatery's "Skinny Dip" special, featuring sliced prime rib in a baguette roll, is free at The Black Frog Restaurant to anyone willing to plunge naked into Moosehead Lake.

The promotion has generated a lot of publicity for the restaurant, but at least one person complained and town officials discussed whether it should be banned.

Owner Leigh Turner said he decided to keep the get-nude-for-food idea going because most people support him and because no laws are being violated.

To violate Maine's indecent exposure law, one would have to expose genitals for the purpose of offending or shocking. But Turner said restaurant patrons are exposed briefly only to a skinny dipper's derriere as a participant takes the leap from the end of the restaurant's dock.

"All you can see is two little white buns jiggling around," he said. Dippers are kept under wraps with a restaurant-provided towel when they emerge from the water.

Turner has been enjoying his instant-celebrity since the Bangor Daily News report was picked up by the national media.

Turner estimates that about two or three people take the plunge each week in the summer. But few patrons are interested now that it's getting cooler.

"You've got to be really desperate for a free sandwich to go out there now," he said, noting the 60-degree water temperature. "It's chilly."

Maybe a cup of moth broth would warm them up.

Soccer club's brothel booster
An Italian football team has been slammed for signing a sponsorship deal with an escort agency.

Trentino 1921 have received $14,000 in the deal, which sees the name of escort agency Casa Bianca posted on the club Web site.

The fourth division club have angered local politicians, especially the town councilwoman in charge of sport, Iva Berasi.

By clicking on to the logo, surfers are taken to the Casa Bianca Web site, which warns users must be more than 18 years old.

Berasi stormed: "I find this absolutely amazing that the club should go into such a deal with an escort agency."

We’re guessing maybe the team wants more than just their players scoring.