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Dallas Store Specializes In Green Products

A store located in the heart of Dallas is aiming to provide one-stop shopping for going green, NBC 5 reports.
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A store located in the heart of Dallas is aiming to provide one-stop shopping for going green, NBC 5 reported. "We think we've got just about everything we can think of and hear about to make your electric bill, gas bill and water bill a lot less," said Joe Harberg of Current Energy.

That is the concept behind Current Energy, which its creators call the world's first energy efficiency store

"One of the easiest things to do to save on electricity is change a light bulb," Harberg said. "What a lot of people don't realize is compact fluorescence - come in all sorts of sizes and shapes."

The store features a variety of items for the home including tankless water heaters and toilets that flush different for different types of waste.

"We've got these dual flush toilets that are incredibly efficient," Harberg said. "Dryer balls are basically these little plastic devices you throw into your dryer with your clothes, your towels, and they bounce around in the dryer with those clothes, because of the way they work they save about 30 percent of the time it would take to dry normally with dryer sheets."

The store, which is located in the heart of the trendy Knox-Henderson shopping area of Dallas, also sells an item that helps consumer track their energy savings.

"One of the most interesting things we have in the store is a device called the power cost monitor," Harberg said. "What that device does is it allows you to basically walk around you house with a hand held device and as you turn on and off devices or as you plug in certain devices you can see actually how much consumption you're using or not using if you turn it off."

The store also has items to be used outside of homes.

"This device here is called the Solio and is a solar charger for iPod, phones, MP3s, anything you can hold in your hand and charge in a wall," Harberg said. "Basically, you can use the sun to charge those devices."

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