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Looters Strike Fire Victims Twice

The firestorm forced a local family from their home -- then looters struck. Now officials say the crooks returned for a second time, to take all that was left.
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A family from San Elijo is coping with disaster for a third time following the firestorm.

The Rogers family evacuated their home during the wildfires two weeks ago. When they returned a few days later, they noticed jewelry and a set of spare keys were missing, according to sheriff's deputies.

The family left town last weekend, and that's when officials say the crooks used those stolen keys to take what they left behind. Deputies said because there was no sign of forced entry, they believe the looters used the spare keys to get back in the house.

Clothing, shoes, furniture and even a baby crib was taken. The total loss is in the thousands.

"You really think it's a joke," said victim Alexandra Rogers. "Then you're like, 'Oh my God, somebody's been in my home.'"

Deputies told NBC 7/39 the Rogers didn't report the first burglary because they thought law enforcement was too busy patrolling during the wildfires.

The family said they didn't notice they had been robbed right away because the larger items were taken from the garage.

Officials said they have very few leads. They believe it is likely several people were involved and may have needed a large truck to haul the stuff away.

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