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Celebrating National Adoption Month in Bay County

Four Bay County families got bigger on Tuesday. The couples legally adopted children, through the not-for-profit adoption agency Life Management Center. They celebrated the occasion Tuesday morning at the First Baptist Church in downtown Panama City.
/ Source: WJHG-TV

It was an emotional day with lots of smiles and a few tears.The Kerneas got their holiday wish early this year. Chris Kernea said, "The only gift we were looking for this year, because after 14 months of paper work, the Kernea family now has a son.Eighteen-month-old Landon Lee joins Chris and Fran Kernea, along with their daughter Jessica. "Ah, it's kinda like birth, almost without the pain," says Fran Kernea, now a happy mother of two. "Its amazing. Its absolutely wonderful."Wonderful describes the feeling four families shared all day long. For the Kerneas, the son they've loved since his infancy is finally theirs. "We don't have to worry about him going anywhere, he's ours. I think the worst part was thinking that somebody could just come up and take him after he's been ours for so long."Now that their wish has come true, Chris and Fran say they are focused on making Landon's dreams a reality, allowing him to be "Happy and prosper in life; happy and healthy, wherever he goes."So, what does Landon dream? "Mommy," Landon says while hugging his mom and dad.It looks as though his dream has come true too.