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Goats Slain in Laurel Hill

A Laurel Hill man is devastated after discovering 12 of his goats dead this weekend. The majority of them were shot.
/ Source: WJHG-TV

Keith Scholfield says he couldn't physically stomach looking at one of the slain goats gurgle its last breath. "It made me sick. Man I got so sick. Oh, lord."The goats belong to his roommate, Marlon Nobles. Finally, an Okaloosa County sheriff's deputy ended the animals misery."Marlon told them to shoot it and get it out of its misery because it couldn't get up," Scholfield said.On Saturday morning, Okaloosa County sheriff's officers responded to Nobles call for help after discovering 12 of his beloved goats had been killed. Ten of the animals, including a two month old had been shot. Scholfield says he and Nobles heard the shots on Friday evening, but figured people were just shooting raccoons. Nearby, neighbors say they're concerned why someone would do this to Mr. Nobles, but are not worried about the safety of their own animals.Iwana Davis, a neighbor said, "No, I don't think they would bother us. We have horses and I don't think anyone will bother them."Scholfield says the goats were worth at least $2000 dollars and maybe more since five of the slain goats were pregnant. Though Scholfield says it's not the lost income that's hurt his roommate the most, but rather, the fact that someone harmed 12 innocent animals. "He'd do anything in this world for a little kitty or any little creature he loves. I don't care what kind of animal it is, he loves it."If you have any information that will help investigators solve this crime, please call the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office at 689-5650.