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Parents Angry Over Staph Outbreak

Springfield Township school leaders met with parents about a recent staph infection scare. Some parents lost their cool after hearing some of the answers to their question.
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Tuesday night, Springfield Township school leaders met with parents about a recent staph infection scare. NewsChannel 5 reported the district said they have everything under control and parents should not worry.

But at the meeting, some lost their cool as they questioned the health department representative and the schools superintendent about the outbreak.

Ray and Mary Baxter's 16-year-old son is in serious condition at Akron Children's Hospital recovering from the infection.

Mary Baxter cried as she told the crowd the disease went through her son’s lungs.

The Baxters' son, Michael, is on a breathing tube and in a drug-induced coma in intensive care.

Parents are worried their kids may get the antibiotic resistant infection.

One woman yelled out "you lied to us."

A man shouted "clean the school” during the meeting.

The health department said kids should practice good hygiene, cover open cuts and stop sharing personal things.

Ninth-grader Erica Burkadt told NewsChannel 5 reporter Carolina Leid, "they're telling us to wash our hands. There's not even soap."

Students and parents say there's only so much they can do if the school isn't sanitized.

"This should be the last kid here. Our son should be the last one in the hospital period," said Ray Baxter.

The school district told parents it's going to clean each and every school but did not give a timeframe.

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