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UX Rollout home page

Rollout Timeline [times may vary]

3:00 PM Launch Entertainment
3:30 PM Launch Meet the Press4:00 PM Launch MSNBC TV
4:30 PM Launch Dateline

4:45 PM Check point - Load test and PLT test

5:00 PM Launch Travel (may launch earlier if possible)
8:00 PM Launch Nightly News
6:00 PM Launch World News
6:30 PM Launch Politics

6:45 PM Check point - Load test and PLT test

7:00 PM Launch Tech / Science7:30 PM Launch Video8:00 PM Launch Photos8:30 PM Launch Community
5:30 PM Launch US news
8:30 PM Launch Health9:00 PM Launch Business10:30 PM Launch Sports11:30 PM Launch Cover

Browsers/OS combinations to be tested

Firefox w/ Windows XP
Firefox w/ Windows Server 2003 [Ryan M.]
Firefox w/ Windows Vista
Firefox w/ Mac

IE 6 w/ Windows XP
IE 6 w/ Windows Server 2003 [Ryan M.]
IE 6 w/ Windows Vista

IE 7 w/ Windows XP
IE 7 w/ Windows Server 2003 [Ryan M.]
IE 7 w/ Windows Vista

Safari w/ Mac
Opera w/ Windows XP


Use this bookmarklet to easily see a page is workarea 3 on the preview server. Right click and "Add to Favourites" in order to use it.