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His bark bite is worse than his ... bite?

A Pennsylvania pit bull that likes to chew bark off trees could end up costing its owner $3,100.
/ Source: The Associated Press

A pit bull that likes to get a lot of bark in its bite could end up costing its owner $3,100.

This summer, Tyler Port allowed his dog, Rossman, to run loose in a park. The dog apparently had a habit of chewing bark off trees, and Port was cited for failure to keep the dog under control.

John Iorio, the city's dog law officer, also is seeking $3,100 to cover the cost of replacing three honey locust trees, which a consultant said may die.

Port, 22, says his dog had an "infatuation" with trees and enjoyed rubbing up against them and hanging on their limbs from her teeth.

"The kids loved it, so I allowed it," Port said. "Once someone expressed concern, it ceased."

Port said he was optimistic an agreement could be reached and the charges would be dropped.