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2007 Nightly News video archive

Friday, Nov. 30
New Hampshire hostage taker identified
Mending mortgages
Courting black women voters
God has 4,235,843 friends on MySpace
We've got mail
Hope for AIDS orphans


Thursday, Nov. 29

Latest health hardship: The night shift
White House lowers growth projections
Republicans square off on immigration
Giuliani: Stretching the stats?
Hot copper
Hugo Chavez: President for life?
Black women and heart disease


Wednesday, Nov. 28


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Wednesday, Nov. 21

Tuesday, Nov. 20

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Sunday, Nov. 18

Saturday, Nov. 17

Friday, Nov. 16

The struggle against hyperemesis

Thursday, Nov. 15

Wednesday, Nov. 14

Tuesday, Nov. 13

Monday, Nov. 12

Sunday, Nov. 12
Anxiety over economy
Holiday consumer concerns
Bush courts European allies
Musharraf on the defense
Baghdad grows quieter
Why Iowa matters
Saddam’s secrets
A ‘veteran’ student

Saturday, Nov. 11
LAPD under fire
Lights out on Broadway
Pressure builds in Pakistan
Medal of honor
Eating green
Trouble for Kerik  

Friday, Nov. 10
Unrest in Pakistan
Merck pays price for Vioxx
Stocks plunge again
Oil Spill in S.F. bay
Re-thinking nuclear power
Health insurance nightmare
The real Forest Gump

Thursday, Nov. 8
Full Mel Brooks interview
Bernanke: Slower growth ahead
U.S. agency recalls Aqua Dots
Pakistan elections delayed
Giuliani: Look at my record
Reporting from the bottom of the Earth
Medal of Honor: Still seeking peace
Another monster hit for Mel Brooks

Links and Extras
Toys linked to a date-rape drug recalled
--Sign up for the Consumer Product Safety Commission's simple listserv

Wednesday, Nov. 7
Col. Jacobs' courage and sacrifice
Danger signs in economy
Pakistan nearing meltdown
Giuliani gets endorsement from Pat Robertson
New presidential poll reveals surprises
Is it really OK to carry a few extra pounds?
Seeing an energy solution in empty fields
Medal of Honor: Jack Jacobs profiles Ted Rubin

Links and Extras
Benefits of being a little heavy?
--Calculate your Body Mass Index

Tuesday, Nov. 6
Oil approaching $100 a barrel
Yahoo execs questioned for role in Chinese dissident’s arrest
Rudy Giuliani on Hillary, 9/11 and more
The pill linked to heart disease risk
Riding a wave to energy independence?
Col. Bud Day recalls over five years in North Vietnamese prison 

Monday, Nov. 5
Dangerous nation in state of emergency
A lot at stake for U.S. in Pakistan
Strike has Hollywood on hold
Oprah: A ‘devastating experience’
Female explorers at the bottom of the world
Kids' lack of sleep can lead to obesity
Learning about wind power from Denmark
First act of bravery in World War II

Sunday, Nov. 4

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Watch the promotional spot

Brian blogs

Saturday, Nov. 3
White House reacts to Pakistan emergency
Pakistan's state of emergency
Farming goes green
NYC Marathon I-ban irks runners

Friday, Nov. 2
Noel strikes out of nowhere
Devastating floods in Mexico
Free trips for safety chiefs under scrutiny
Tracking down the Clinton papers
Tapped out in Tennessee
Making a Difference: Rock star with a heart

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Thursday, Nov. 1
Bono thanks you
Grim day for Wall Street
Foreclosures number soar
Attorney general fight reignites torture debate
Chrysler cuts 12,000 jobs
Clinton plays the 'woman' card
Steam pipe explosion victim stays positive
Easy for truckers to cheat drug tests
Dealing with boy who played with fire
Are we too soft on kids?

Links and extras
'Kids Now'

Nov. 1: David Harsanyi, author of "Nanny State,"  looks at today's playgrounds and says that they aren't as intuitive or fun for kids who are learning about risk.

More on finance, the economy

More on story reported by Lisa Myers

Calif. wildfires