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'Dateline' to air report on adoption scams

NBC News' Victoria Corderi reports on international adoption scams in a dramatic hidden camera investigation - Sunday, Jan. 20 at 7pm on Dateline NBC

With the wait for a child usually being only months instead of years, one out of every 100 children born in Guatemala is now adopted by Americans. Many Guatemalan adoptions are indeed successful, however critics of the process claim this impoverished Central American country has become a place where unsuspecting families, and innocent children, are victims to corruption, lies, forgery, kidnapping and broken hearts. In an eye-opening hidden camera investigation on international adoption scams, airing on Sunday, Jan. 20 (7:00 PM/ET), "Dateline's" Victoria Corderi travels to Guatemala to investigate how children are sometimes used as bait to lure dollars out of Americans who want to adopt. 

The hour-long report also unveils a heartbreaking story about three young sisters who were kidnapped from their home, abused, and nearly sold for adoption. Shockingly, police tell Corderi that the kidnapping ring is run by women, many of them mothers themselves. After four and a half torturous months, "Dateline's" cameras show two of the girls being reunited with their distraught family. Fifteen months after she was kidnapped, one sister is still missing.

Corderi also interviews a group of devastated American families who say they were deceived by a controversial Guatemalan adoption facilitator who is still in business despite being banned by the government. "Dateline" set up a fake adoption agency and after hidden cameras catch him in action, Corderi confronts him in a heated exchange.

David Corvo is the executive producer of "Dateline NBC."