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Dutch woman convicted in online sex date case

/ Source: The Associated Press

A Dutch court sentenced a 29-year-old woman to 10 years in prison and involuntary psychiatric treatment Wednesday, after ruling that she murdered a man she met via the Internet and lured with the promise of sadomasochistic sex.

"While the suspect apparently thought about this often in her fantasies, in the end she made a concrete plan in which she took a random victim to her house under false pretenses and extracted his personal ID codes under threat of a knife," judges at the Arnhem District Court said in their written ruling.

They said the woman, whose name was not released, then stabbed her 50-year-old victim repeatedly while he was handcuffed, including deep cuts to his throat and back.

"The suspect let her victim bleed to death and then removed the handcuffs."

Her lawyers argued the killing was self-defense after the man attacked her with the knife, but judges rejected that.

They noted that she did not have any defensive wounds on her hands, and a single deep wound on her upper arm appeared to be self-inflicted.

Judges said her motive was financial, and she tried to cover up the traces afterward.

Investigators build case against woman
Between the man's death in the mid-afternoon and when she called police in the early evening, she tried unsuccessfully to clean up blood and erase files from her computer.

She visited Web sites for advice on planning the crime and made searches to determine the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn from Dutch banks in one day.

Investigators also found impressions on one notebook of a shopping list for items such as rubber gloves, plastic sheets and ammonia. On another, they found impressions of a time scheme she had drawn up, beginning with the approximate time on July 11, 2007, when she met the victim at a train station and took him to her home in Oosterhout, 75 miles east of Amsterdam.

Online ad placed in classifieds
Her advertisement, placed in the classifieds section of a popular Dutch Web site, read:

"I'm a young robust dominant girl who likes to conquer men so I can play a nice game with them ... I'll blindfold you and tie you up and put you in my car and take you with me to my house, where we can play all kinds of exciting games. ...I like men with a good job, suits, because it gives me an extra kick to dominate them: weaklings are no challenge."