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You will be arrested and feel really stupid

/ Source: The Associated Press

Two fortune cookies helped Tulsa police make an arrest after a pair of break-ins at Chinese restaurants.

Terrence Middleton, 30, was booked Friday on charges of second-degree burglary and attempted second-degree burglary after police responded to a burglar alarm to find him with more than $20 in coins and the cookies in his pockets, Officer Leland Ashley said.

Middleton was being held on $15,000 bond.

Ashley said police were able to link Middleton to the Asian Express that was robbed because he had possession of the same type of fortune cookies that were at the restaurant.

The alarm went off at the Asian Express about 14 minutes after one sounded at the Chinese Chef Restaurant down the street Thursday night, Ashley said.

When officers arrived, both restaurants had their front doors broken. At the second restaurant, the cash register had been pulled open.

Minutes later, officers stopped Middleton, who was walking down the street, and he dropped various coins and a prison identification card, Ashley said.

Ashley said it appeared there was nothing stolen from the first restaurant, and all that was missing from the second restaurant was $20 in change — and the fortune cookies.