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FBI affidavit cites ‘Client 9’ and ‘Kristen’

/ Source: NBC News

Following is a summary by NBC News from an FBI affidavit of the arrangements and  encounter between a prostitute and "Client 9" on Feb. 13 in Washington, D.C.  NBC News confirmed with federal law enforcement officials that "Client 9" refers to New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

The phone taps reveal members of the prostitution ring discussing whether Client 9's deposit had shown up in order for Client 9 to have an appointment with a girl in Washington.

The prostitute would take a train from Penn Station to D.C. and Client 9 "would be paying for everything-train tickets, cab fare from the hotel and back, mini-bar or room service, travel time and hotel."

The members decided that even though Client 9 had a credit of $400 to $500 with the ring, they wouldn't let him keep the appointment until his latest deposit arrived. Client 9 made the calls himself.

On Feb. 13, according to the affidavit, Client 9 made a hotel reservation in D.C. under his name and left a key for a woman named "Kristen."

Client 9 was eventually told his deposit had arrived and "Kristen" was on her way from New York. Client 9 responded, "Great, OK, wonderful."

Client 9 discussed with the prostitution ring a way for him to have credit stored up so that he wouldn't have to worry about sending in a deposit in the future.

Then they discussed a way for "Kristen" to get his hotel room key once she arrived.

"Kristen" was sent to room 871, which Client 9 was leaving ajar; Client 9 wanted to be reminded of what she looked like and was told "American, petite, very pretty brunette, five feet five inches, and 105 pounds."

Apparently the session went from 9:36 p.m. when "Kristen" arrived in the room, until 12:02 a.m., although it appears she waited a bit for Client 9.

"Kristen" said the appointment went "very well."

"Kristen" said "that she liked him and did not think he was difficult." She collected $4,300 from Client 9.

"Kristen" and her bosses in New York also discussed Client 9's sexual preferences and whether he had asked "you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe."

"Kristen" appears to have been OK with whatever went on in Room 871.

"Kristen" stayed overnight in D.C. and took the train back to New York the next day.

Complied by NBC Producer Michael Kosnar.