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FBI reports possible threat to Wall Street

/ Source: NBC News

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued a joint bulletin Wednesday addressing an uncorroborated threat to Wall Street, a senior Homeland Security official confirmed.

The intelligence was characterized as "fragmented" pieces from various undisclosed sources.

The official told NBC News that the threat lacked specifics on timing, exact location or who was planning an attack.

The bulletin simply referred to "a desire to attack Wall Street in the month of March" and made reference to the "international stock exchange."

Homeland Security said there was no reason to believe an attack is imminent and that it was not giving much credibility, if any, to the threat. Officials said it was routine sharing of information between law enforcement partners.

A senior U.S. intelligence official agreed, saying the threat was "several layers removed" meaning not even second- or third-hand.

"It is quite indirect ... not a continuous chain of possession, meaning not U.S. sourcing," said the official. "Of course you exercise caution and you always pay attention when you hear this, but there is nothing specific on targets, and it's not even clear who the source of the threat is. It is uncorroborated."