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United Airlines raises round-trip domestic fares

/ Source: The Associated Press

UAL Corp.'s United Airlines, the second-largest U.S. carrier, said Thursday it is raising domestic ticket prices by as much as $30 round-trip.

"The fare increase will help us to offset record-breaking fuel costs," spokesman Jeff Kovick said.

The round-trip increases range from $4 to $30 depending on mileage and competition from other carriers. The effort is similar to a largely successful increase of $4 to $50 that Chicago-based United instituted in March.

United's move marks the 10th time carriers have tried to raise fares since the start of the year, according to a tally by airline ticket research site FareCompare. Four of those attempts, including the last two in the second half of March, were ultimately rolled back.

Airlines have been trying to raise fares for more than a year amid a sharp rise in the price of fuel, which is now the biggest expense for many airlines. The increases typically stick only if they are matched by other airlines.