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Alaska Airlines 737 evacuated after landing

/ Source: The Associated Press

More than 100 people were evacuated from an Alaska Airlines 737 on Thursday because hazy smoke appeared in the cockpit shortly after the plane landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, officials said.

No major injuries were reported, and the source of the smoke remained under investigation, authorities said.

The crew of Flight 529 from Los Angeles reported a potential landing gear problem 23 minutes before landing, but all appeared normal until "a light gray haze ... not thick smoke" appeared on the flight deck five minutes after touchdown, said Mike Fergus, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman.

The pilot then ordered that evacuation chutes be deployed on the taxiway, Fergus said.

Two passengers reported minor injuries, such as twisted ankles, and the co-pilot was given "very precautionary medical attention" for smoke inhalation, said Paul McElroy, an airline spokesman.

The plane carried 103 passengers and a crew of five.