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Glenn Racz’s 'probability' chart

Is his father guilty of murder? A son comes to terms with his mother's disappearance by creating a probability chart
Glenn Racz's probability chart
Glenn Racz's probability chartGlenn Racz
/ Source: Dateline NBC

Since the night of his mother’s disappearance in April 1991, Glenn Racz and his two sisters continued to live with their father. Glenn and his father developed a close relationship throughout those years, even as John Racz continued to be under a cloud of suspicion from law enforcement and Ann’s family. Could the father he loved and respected be truly guilty of murder?

As Glenn struggled to come to terms with the verdict for himself, he found it a useful exercise to write down his thoughts. As a self-styled “numbers man,” the idea of devising a probability chart to figure things out was very attractive to Glenn.  It’s not that he thought that the jurors were wrong, but after 16 years, Glenn just needed to make this "calculation" to assure himself of the mathematical certainty of his father’s guilt.

Glenn told Dateline that he made the chart after his father was sentenced. While it is not a true probability chart, Glenn said seeing some of the facts on the paper helped him realize that in order for his mother, Ann, to still be on a vacation after 16 years, "she would have to have gone crazy."

After he made the chart, he could  "exhale" and have a bit of peace about the outcome of the trial. Part of him was concerned about betraying his dad, but another part of him is glad to finally have the truth.

"Being in jail is the best thing for him, and his heart, and where he is. Maybe then he can come to a point of humility." Glenn has forgiven his father, but continues to hope that John Racz will tell the truth of what happened to his mother, Ann, and disclose where her body is buried.