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Bonior announces support for Obama

John Edwards campaign manager, David Bonior, is officially endorsing Barack Obama.
/ Source: NBC News and

John Edwards' former campaign manager, David Bonior, is officially endorsing Barack Obama, NBC News reports.

The former Michigan congressman, who was once the second highest racking Democrat in the House, confirmed his endorsement and is expected to put out a press release today with more details.  Bonior opposed the first Gulf war.  Obama often refers to his own Iraq war opposition. 

Bonior also refers to Obama's stand on making Washington work for working class families. His support is expected to help Obama's effort to win Michigan in the general election.

What about Bonior's former boss? So far John Edwards has not offered an endorsement, despite repeated lobbying from both Obama's and Hillary Clinton's campaigns.  Edwards is expected to make an appearance Friday on NBC's TODAY Show to discuss poverty in America.

NBC's Andrea Mitchell contributed to this report.