Rain-induced landslide kills 2 in northern Italy

/ Source: The Associated Press

A landslide killed two people Thursday in an Alpine valley in northwestern Italy as heavy rains battered the area. Two other people, including a child, were missing.

One man died when a home in the Pellice Valley was hit by the landslide and another man was found dead nearby in his car, the Civil Protection agency said. Rescuers picked through the wreckage of the leveled home in search of a missing woman and her child.

Officials believe a swollen stream sent the mass of mud, stones and broken trees sweeping through the valley.

After days of heavy rains in the Piedmont region, authorities monitoring the levels of rivers in the area have raised the alarm over possible floods.

The ANSA news agency said dozens of people living near the Dora Riparia river were evacuated from a village west of the northern city of Turin. The river flows through Turin, where it meets the larger Po river, and bridges in the city have been closed or are being closely monitored as the waters rise.

Authorities also ordered all schools in and around Turin closed on Friday.