New search engine dispenses how-to advice

/ Source: The Associated Press

A new specialty search engine is trying to become the Internet's go-to spot for finding how-to advice.

Founded by Rhode Island entrepreneur Ted Ives, FindHow Corp. has assembled an index spanning nearly about 30,000 Web pages with written, photographic and video instructions on a wide variety topics ranging from prosaic tasks like tying a tie to more exotic missions like inviting the Queen of England to a Super Bowl party.

Relying on a team of human editors, FindHow has sifted the information to discrete categories like "food and drink," "careers and work" and "wild and wacky" and emphasizes tips from well-established government and business sources. Ives also is trying to market FindHow as a "family-friendly" site in hopes of attracting a loyal following among librarians and students.

Ives believes FindHow's more organized format and emphasis on brands will help separate it from the horde of other Web sites that provide how-to information. The competition includes specialty services like eHow, Helpfulvideo, WonderHowTo, as well as all-purpose destinations like Internet search leader Google Inc. and its video-sharing subsidiary YouTube.

FindHow is starting out with about a $300,000 investment from Ives and a handful of other backers.