We there yet? Dallas-bound flight diverted twice

/ Source: The Associated Press

Passengers on a Dallas-bound flight that made an emergency landing in Arkansas because of smoke in the cockpit were diverted again, this time to Louisiana, because of storms, authorities said.

The flight was again on its way to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport late Tuesday, American Airlines spokesman Charley Wilson said.

Flight 1257 landed in Little Rock just after 3:30 p.m., airline spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said. None of the 127 passengers and five crew members was injured, Huguely said.

The plane parked away from the airport's terminal as a precaution, Little Rock National Airport spokeswoman T.J. Williams said. A shuttle bus took passengers and crew to the terminal, Williams said.

Huguely said the light haze of smoke dissipated after the pilot shut down the cockpit's electrical system and depressurized the plane's cabin. She said the plane, which departed from Indianapolis, was taken out of service and will be inspected.

The passengers were later placed on a plane brought in by American Airlines from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but storms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area forced that plane to be diverted to Shreveport, Louisiana.

"The weather created a bit of unexpected traffic congestion," Wilson said.

The flight was one of 56 American flights diverted from the airport because of the storms.