How are you faring in Colorado, Minnesota?

As the 2008 presidential campaign approaches its stretch run, is asking you, our readers, to tell us what is happening economically in states that could play a pivotal role in deciding the next occupant of the White House.

We’ve decided to focus initially on two states — Colorado and Minnesota — which, not coincidentally, are the host states for the upcoming Democratic and Republican conventions.

If you live in either state, please use the submission form below to tell us what economic issues are keeping you up at night and how they are affecting you and your family. We’d also like to know how your financial situation compares with where you were four years ago and whether the economy will be an important factor in determining how you cast your ballot in November.

As we’ve done with previous Gut Check America reports, we’ll use your stories to help inform our reporting and to put a human face on the issues. If possible, please include a photo so that we can share excerpts of your stories with our other readers.

Then check back in mid-August to see our report on the economic situations in these two key states.