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Wade’s behind-the-scenes look at hoops team

It's time to get real as Monday we head to China to begin our march to the gold medal. I can't wait.
Image: Dwayne Wade
NBA star Dwayne Wade, who’s going to Beijing with the U.S. basketball team, has recently shaved his head,  saying that he’s gone bald “for the simple fact that I’m focused soley on basketball.”Stephen Dunn / Getty Images file
/ Source: The Associated Press

Hey, welcome back to inside the mind of Dwyane Wade. It's time to get real as Monday we head to China to begin our march to the gold medal. I can't wait. I was part of the Olympic team in 2004. It was after my rookie season and myself, Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer and LeBron (James) really didn't play much. Being on a losing team and not being able to help much kind of tainted us. But it was great experience.

We've been committed to this team for the last four years, and we have the ultimate team. We have an experienced point guard in Jason (Kidd) who has already won a gold medal. We have the most talented player in the NBA, Kobe Bryant, then we have LeBron, who is right, we are going to win the gold medal. And don't forget big Dwight Howard and one of the best point guards in the world in Chris Paul.

The list goes on and on. ... This is something we've been waiting on for four years. As the slogan says "Amazing Awaits."

Everyone is pulling for us. I ran into Denzel Washington in Vegas and he was talking about the Olympics. You know he's got game.

For those of you who haven't checked out my latest video from Vegas, you're missing my new look. I've cut all my hair off. I've gone bald for the simple fact that I'm focused solely on basketball. I'm not concerning myself with waking up in the morning, brushing my hair trying to look pretty. I'm really focused on playing and bringing home the gold. Also, in China I'm not letting anybody cut my hair. If you're not my barber, it's not happening. The bald look will last me the next 30 days.

My head looks good, but my body feels even better. I've pushed my body past its limits to get ready. Since I had the problems with my knee, I've had to get my quads, my hamstring and everything around my knee stronger to take the pressure off the tendon. Since we left Vegas last month, I've been back in the gym five days a week from 9-2.

I did take some time to team up with Alonzo Mourning for Zo's Summer Groove back in Miami. Our foundations, Alonzo Mourning Charities and Wade's World Foundation, share the same vision. There was no point in competing against each other in the same city. The event has been so successful over the years, and I can continue to learn under him for many years. It was a lot of fun, Queen Latifah did her thing, Chris Tucker performed. I even danced at the All-Star Game we had. Or least tried to do the Wu-Tang dance. I think there is a video clip of it somewhere. But it was for the kids, so it was worth all the jokes.

When I get back with my gold medal, I'm going on an Olympic tour, hitting all the hot cities doing Olympic parties. On Sept. 5-6, in Chicago we're going to hold a similar event to what we just did in Miami. The main thing will be a skating party to curb "Gun Violence." But more to come on that.

The next time you get Inside the Mind of Dwyane Wade I'll be in China putting in more work to bring home the gold.